We seek to be your business partner for the distribution and sale of personalized wet wipes in order to help you meet your objectives for the positioning of your product, brand or service.
We help you strengthen your marketing campaigns, launches, promotions with the development of PushClean custom wipes.

More than a wipe.

A different way of advertising.
BIO-Individual wet wipes in capsules. Sell your product with the PushClean system
customizable wipe. Strengthen your marketing promotions, events … with encapsulated wipes. Show an image of distinction regarding your services in a simple way. Promotional article with high visual impact and excellent retention level.

Reinforce and complement
the image of your brand

The PushClean wet wipe offers custom designed solutions
especially for your market and for its moment.

Relate a product or your brand to a specific aroma
It causes a surprise effect and generates a better impression
You will increase the perception before your clients.
It is ideal for restaurants, clinics, beauty centers, advertising promotions, events … With the logo of your company printed on the Push Clean encapsulated wipes you will cause the desired impact to your customers, because the Push Clean wipes do not go unnoticed by its innovative system of opening, especially and not least is that the Push Clean compressed wipes are not carcinogenic or harm the environment as they are 100% biodegradable naturally made of natural fibers.

The human being remembers …

of what it touches
from what he hears
of what he sees
than it smells

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